February 01, 2011

February - Local Michigan Indepent Rock and Roll


They're a Detroit indie/rock band. Consisting of: Zack (guitar), Mack (bass), Matt (guitar/vox) & Joel (drums).They are excellent. When they play I am standing right at the front of the stage, digging on the strikingly passionate and beautifully executed blend of indie rock they put out of their connect and well-aware, highly polished arsenal of songs, which are on their new EP, "1994".
I first met these guys when my band had a show at the Strutt in Kalamazoo. (Awesome venue by the way! www.thestrutt.com)
We had the gig booked with a couple of local kzoo bands, whom we didn't know, and Meadower was on the end of a small tour when they joined us. Damn I'm glad they did! I would say it was love at first sight, I didn't sit down the entire time, and I still have one part of one of their songs stuck in my head forever, reminds me of listening to Explosions in the Sky when the sky is actually exploding. They is an excellent band to see, and they are all awesome.

This crafty, garagey, greatly talented and super intriguing duo is a Grand Rapids band who will surprise you with all of the sound and texture just two guys can produce. You'll hear an expansive, rich variety of tones from Blake (guitar) while the beats Braden (drums) drops keep you moving around the floor, as if possessed by the groups spell and wizardry. There's truly something cosmic about their shows.
If you get a chance, listen to this band!

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